Big Bit of Bling = Shorter Marriage

The Ring!

Yes, we are man’s best friend for a reason. One of them being that we tell you things like this! According to research, the cheaper the engagement ring, the more successful  the marriage. Those boffins at Emory University in Atlanta have announced that a man who spends  around 3k on a ring, compared to those to spent 700 pounds are more likely to have a marriage that ends in divorce. Why? God knows……

But what we DO know is that an engagement ring is one of the important parts of getting engaged and thought should be put into it. So here are our top tips on choosing an engagement ring.

1.  Go Window Shopping – We are pretty sure your other half would have hinted at some stage about the type of ring she wants (See those jewellery brochures with pages turned down -THOSE ARE HINTS). However, if she’s not that type of girl then take her window shopping. It’s easier than it sounds – when you happen to wander pass a jewellers mention you might like to buy your mother a piece of jewellery for Christmas and ask her advice. We are sure that once she starts looking at Bling, she wont be able to help but point out a ring that she ‘OMG LOVES!”

2. If she wants a big diamond, try and get her one. Ok, so it goes against the uni boffins advice above but trust us when we say, to some women, a proposal is ALL about the ring. As shallow as it might sound, some women really do dream about that huge diamond and it just wont be the same if you don’t deliver. So suss her out as a person: If she’s the type who thinks bigger is better (ahem) then you’d better start saving.

3.  Propose with A ring…even if it’s not THE ring. We understand the pressure of picking a ring that she’s going to love/cry/melt-into-your-arms-over so make sure you TAKE YOUR TIME and get the right one. If you, however, can’t wait that long to propose, then pick out a cheaper ring as a token gesture….and then go shopping with her after the proposal to pick the real thing.

After all, a ring is for life, not just for Christmas….

*Image sources:  Lots of engagement rings

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