Propose at Fitzrovia Chapel, London

Take a peek into a day into the itinerary of one of our latest proposals. We’ll take you through every step so that you know exactly how a proposal with us works on the day. Ram got in touch with us as he’d got inspiration from our blog and wanted to propose at Fitzrovia Chapel.

Date: 20th September 2019

Proposal time: 7.40pm

4.20pm Our Proposal Planners collect all of the decor, props and equipment needed for the proposal and make their way to the chapel. The whole team have been sent a detailed itinerary beforehand so everything is done to the minute and runs smoothly. Our teams have worked together for years so know exactly what is expected of them and the high standard we guarantee our clients.

The client is also always sent a detailed itinerary so that they know exactly where to go and when.

5.25pm The Proposal Planners arrive at Fitzrovia Chapel and start to decorate the space. As the Chapel is already such a beautiful venue, we make sure that the decor complements the space rather than overbears it.

The aisle is lined with rose petals, lanterns, fairy lights and framed photographs of the couple. It all leads to the stunning flower arch. We personalised it for Ram with purple flowers as they’re his soon-to-be fiancées favourite flowers.

The altar was decorated with more photos, rose petals and flower pom poms to create the perfect proposal spot.

7pm The photographer and videographer arrive to set up, check the lighting and discuss what kind of shots they’re going for. The singer also arrives and the videographer records her singing the chosen song for the video. This ensures that he can then focus on capturing the shots he wants without worrying about background noise.

7.35pm Everything is ready and waiting. The decor is complete, the photographer and videographer are poised and the singer is ready to perform. Ram sends our Proposal Planner a message to let them know that they are running to schedule and will be at the Chapel in 5 minutes.

Any of the Team not required for the proposal head into a side room so that the couple have as much privacy as possible. Some clients also prefer to do the whole proposal in private without any photographer or videographer present until afterwards. It’s completely up to you and what you prefer!

7.40pm Ram’s girlfriend Krishika had been told that they are attending a charity event for Ram’s work. We had sent the couple an “official invitation” the previous week so she would not get suspicious. It also meant that the couple would be dressed smartly, making the photographs look even more special.

Upon arrival at the Chapel, one of our Proposal Planners was waiting for the couple with a “guest-list” so that the surprise really did last until the last moment!

The couple entered the Chapel and the singer began to perform Jagged Edge ‘Let’s Get Married’. You can see from the photographs how shocked Krishika was and the moment it all starts to dawn on her what’s happening!

Ram leads Krishika up the aisle where she notices all of the photographs. They walk through the flower archway to the proposal spot and Ram has a romantic speech prepared.

Then… he gets down on one knee!

The photographer and videographer have been present throughout, making sure to give the couple enough space so that they don’t feel pressured or intruded upon.

Of course, she says yes (just like in the schedule!). Her reactions in these photos are amazing and we love how the photographer has really captured her surprise.

The newly-engaged couple then have a photo/video shoot and can enjoy the moment in their private proposal location.

8.30pm The proposal is complete and the couple continue their evening celebrating their engagement. This definitely includes calling the family and friends!

With our years of insider knowledge and expertise, we love suggesting restaurants or bars for you to continue the celebrations. Whether you’re looking for the best cocktails in the city or the most breathtaking views, we’ll know exactly where to recommend. The One Romance are also happy to book hotels, restaurants and taxis to make your occasion as stress free as possible.

Would you like to propose at Fitzrovia Chapel? Get in touch and let us know your budget, ideal date and if you have seen anything that you’d like to copy or use as inspiration. We can’t wait to create a moment that you and your partner will never forget!

Proposal Planner: Amanda Brown

Photographer: Gemma Chase

Videographer: David Herd

Singer: Buddy

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