Proposing On Holiday

Are you thinking of proposing on holiday? Perhaps you are looking for holiday proposal ideas for your next trip abroad – be it proposing on a beach at sunset, or up in the mountains whilst skiing.

Proposing on holiday however can be a nerve wrecking experience – after all, you don’t know the country you are visiting very well. How do you get hold of a photographer? Where are the most beautiful spots to propose? What are the laws and rules about fireworks/flashmobs etc in that country.

By using us to plan your holiday  proposal we will do all the hard work for you so you can just sit back and enjoy your vacation.


Holiday Proposal ideas

We have helped plan hundreds of proposals worldwide whilst couples are on holiday – from popping the question in Positano, Italy to setting up a secluded pink on a private beach in Australia. If you are thinking of proposing on holiday then here are just a few of the things we can arrange for you (remember that all of our proposals are tailored to you as a couple so we will make sure your proposal is as unique as possible!)

– A magical firework display on the beach that ends with the words ‘will you marry me?’ in flames

– A “tourist-trail” treasure hunt around the city of your choice where a tour guide takes you around the most beautiful locations whilst slipping in facts about your relationship! At the end of the tour, you get down on one knee

– A secret photographer who will snap you as you propose and then take you on a magical engagement shoot around the city

– Imagine walking along the clifftops with the beach below you. As you get to the most scenic spot you tell her to look down – and she sees the words ‘Will you marry me?’ written in the sand.

– A personalised picnic on a moonlit beach surround by lanterns, candles and fairy lights

– A proposal in a bottle – you walk along the beach and she spots a pathway of little glass bottles all with notes attached with her name on. Inside are love letters from you to her….and the final one leads her to the spot where you are waiting on one knee

– Buried treasure hunt – this doesn’t have to take place on a  beach – it would be just as romantic on a winter holiday with clues burned in the snow. Each clue will also  have a gift attached that is relevant to your relationship. And the final piece of treasure? The engagement ring of course!
– Finding a pearl in an oyster is an amazing thing anyone can appreciate, so why not try an engagement ring in a shell?

– A scuba diving proposal – you both head out for a scuba lesson but little does she know that as soon as she goes underwater she will see you holding a sign that says ‘Will you marry me?”



Our holiday proposals

Click on the images below to see more details on some of the Holiday Proposals  we have arranged.

Positano Proposal
Mallorca Proposal
Edinburgh Proposal
Paris Proposal
Prague Proposal
Proposing in Prague