Speech Ideas That Will Only Appeal to an AWESOME Groom


You know you’re awesome right? Well you wouldn’t be reading this if you weren’t.

Which is why you want to know how to give an amazing Grooms Speech. After all, all that “and thank you to the bridesmaids you look beautiful”‘ stuff has been done time and time again. And frankly, you’re better than that.

So here’s our suggestions of how to do an amazing, unique speech that only an AWESOME groom can pull off (That’s you by the way….)

1. Hire a gospel choir and go all guns a-blazing. Well, if some chap from a boy band can do it, why can’t you? (and, er *blush blush* if you don’t think you can pull it off yourself, then that’s what WE are here for….check out our website yeah? We’ve actually arranged a Grooms speech just like this….but our Groom had written an entire song about their relationship and then had 50 gospel singers join him. It was pretty awesome.)


2. Throw down the paper and get a boogie on instead Who says you have to do a Grooms Speech anyway? Why not defy tradition and instead, remind your wife why she married you in the first place? Get those hips gyrating, grab your ushers and dance like no one is watching (except they are….your whole wedding party? Remember them?)

3. Get someone else to do it…Ok, ok, we are not really suggesting you bail, but if you honestly don’t know what to do for your speech then we have two bits of advice 1) Contact The One Romance and we will come up with a completely unique grooms speech idea for you (We guarantee it will never have been done before!) and 2) put the pressure on your Best Man to create a ‘best man’s speech for awesome best men.” Something a bit like this…

Right, you deserve a beer.

See you next time!

P.S. One more thing…. have you checked out our website? We suggest you do…after all, it means we do all the hard work for you, and you can have more of those (*eyes the pint glass…..)

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