The Proposal Planner: Behind the scenes at our Picnic Proposal

Have you ever wondered what it is like working as a Marriage Proposal Planner in London? What exactly happens behind the scenes on the day of a proposal?

Our Proposal Planner Tiffany Wright has filmed a short vlog showing you exactly what happens from start to finish on proposal day. Enjoy!

Can’t be bothered to watch the video? No worries (We know how busy you all are!) We have outlined some of the top Proposal Tips that Tiffany discovered whilst arranging this proposal – and here they are:

1. Always have a wet weather option – In this case, it could have been a disaster if it had rained on the proposal day. Thankfully Tiffany had found a gorgeous wet weather option that would have worked perfectly should the weather had gone against her!

2. Try and add an element of surprise! Propose on a day when you partner is least expecting it! In the case of this proposal, the last thing Carly expected was for David to be in the UK. The last thing she knew he was back in the States! This element of surprise really adds to the romance of the proposal

3.  If you are there as a support network for your friend who is about to propose, have a ‘speech’ ready for when he gets nervous! Remind him that his partner is going to be so impressed at the effort he has gone to to propose! (Another great tip is to have Rescue Remedy on hand! It’s a life saver!

If you are thinking of popping the question and need some help from our Romance and Proposal Expert Tiffany, then get in touch on We help plan incredible and awe-inspiring proposals – from huge flashmobs in Covent Garden to more intimate romantic affairs for just the two of you. Every proposal we arrange is completely tailored to the couple and we never arrange the same marriage proposal twice (so you don’t have to worry that when you tell a friend how you got engaged, that they will say “ah yes, i was proposed to like that too!”


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