“The Proposers” TV show

Do you want to know what a Proposal Planner really does? Our Director and Proposal Planner Tiffany Wright has her own TV show called “The Proposers” on *SKY/LIFETIME which shows exactly what goes into coming up with amazing proposal ideas and planning the most perfect proposal in London and Worldwide. From dressing dogs up as Disney characters to managing a 40 person flashmob in Covent Garden, her  TV show gives you an insight into proposal planning – and shows why you are in safe hands if you use Tiffany as your Proposal Planner.

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  • Episode 1

    From a singing Flashmob proposal on London's Hungerford bridge to a bus tour around London , watch as Proposal Planner Tiffany Wright and the team face some of their most challenging proposals to date. And if you've ever wondered about proposing on ice, then there is a proposal in here for you!

  • Episode 2

    Dogs dressed as Disney characters and a proposal with a rooftop choir in London, this episode will make you laugh and cry! Proposal Planner Tiffany Wright also heads to Fulham in London to help with a very surprising ‘string’ themed proposal.

  • Episode 3

    Ever wanted to be proposed to whilst dressed as a pirate? Or perhaps you fancy finding your proposal inside a children’s book? Proposal Planner Tiffany Wright gets to work up and down the country helping plan some VERY romantic proposals. But is "The Notebook" themed proposal in London the most romantic yet?

  • Episode 4

    We go international in this episode with a proposal in Paris and a ‘wacky and fun’ proposal for one Canadian man. But it’s the Wedding dress proposal in London that see’s Proposal Planner Tiffany Wright getting VERY excited (who wouldn't when you get to wear a wedding dress all day!)

  • Episode 5

    Would you like Prince William at your proposal? Proposal Planner Tiffany Wright and her team pull it off in this episode before heading to Covent Garden In London to arrange a huge dancing flashmob proposal. Tiffany also helps plan her first gay wedding proposal

  • Episode 6

    This episode starts with a bang when Proposal Planner Tiffany Wright and co are asked to arrange a proposal for a man with an unlimited budget. Bring on the Ferrari's, helicopters, speedboats and a special scene from the film Love Actually. This episode also includes a fun ‘band’ proposal and our very own James Bond!

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