Dancing Flashmob Package

"My girlfriend couldn't believe I had planned such an amazing flashmob proposal for her!" Rory Hutton

We will find you an iconic London location where your surprise flashmob will take place. On the day of the proposal you will suggest going for a walk and arrive at your destination. Suddenly music will start up and dancers will start dancing to your chosen piece of music. At the end of the flashmob, you will be led into the centre of the dancers to propose.

What it includes:

  • 4 Professional dancers
  • Rehearsal time  for the Flashmob
  • A PA system for the music
  • Location research to help find the best spot for your proposal
  • An on the day proposal planner
  • Proposal planning consultations in run up to the proposal
  • Full proposal plan outlining details, timings, maps etc

Additional extras you may wish to include:

  • A secret photographer
  • A secret videographer
  • More dancers to make a bigger flashmob
  • The opportunity for you to learn the dance and join in!

Proposal Packages from £1500

See some of our spectacular Proposals below