Flashmob With a Choir

"Like a scene in a famous Hollywood movie" The Daily Mail

Proposal Idea: This proposal is perfect for anyone who loves musicals or who have a particular song they love. On the day you will both head to the pre-chosen location where, out of nowhere, a huge choir will appear and start singing the song of your choice. in the middle of the song, you will lead your partner into the centre of the choir and then get down onto one knee and propose.

What it includes:

  • A choir of between 20-30 singers (*Dependent on availability)
  • Rehearsal time for the choir
  • Location research to help find the best spot for your proposal
  • An on the day proposal planner
  • Proposal planning consultations in run up to the proposal
  • Full proposal plan outlining details, timings, maps etc

Additional extras you may wish to include:

  • A secret photographer
  • A secret videographer
  • A pianist
  • A beautiful venue for your proposal to take place in
  • More singers or dancers to make a bigger flashmob
  • The opportunity for you to learn the song and join in!

Proposal Packages from £1500

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