3 cringe-worthy ways to propose…….don't do it!!!

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Sometimes, people can get proposing so wrong. From pizza boxes with ‘will you marry me’ scrawled on the outside, to proposals that take place in a car park, there really are so many ways that proposing to your loved one could end up in a disastrous ‘no thank you very much.’

So, here at The One Romance we have listed the top tackiest ways to propose, so you can avoid them at all costs!

1) A personalised pizza


Ok, so you both like pizza? That’s a great start right? WRONG. Imagine the scene…as you sit in front of your TV you present your girlfriend with a pizza box and – deep breaths – waits until she opens it. Surrounded by the smell of peperoni and melted cheese, with the grease dripping through the cardboard,  are the words ‘Will you Marry me?” scrawled on the inside of the pizza box.  Romantic? NO. Vomit inducing? Yes.

2. Proposing over Facebook

proposing on facebook


Just….Don’t….do it.

3. By pretending to die…..


Now you know how  NOT to propose, why not get in touch with us girls here at The One Romance.  We are professional Proposal Planners and believe us when we say, we would never arrange a proposal like the ones above! Every proposal we plan is completely unique and tailored to you as a couple, We never do the same proposal twice and we don’t believe in package proposals.

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