3 Ways To Find Out Her Ring Size

So you know she’s the one and have singled out the engagement ring of her dreams to prove it, but how do you find out her ring size without ruining the surprise? Here at The One Romance, we have 3 genius ways to figure it out – and let’s just say it’s time to do the good kind of sneaking around!

1. Measure Another Ring

Does she take off her rings when she jumps in the shower or when she heads off to bed? If so, this is your time to strike!

Select a ring that she wears regularly, ideally on the ring finger of either hand for a more accurate picture.  Place this on a piece of paper and trace around the inside of the band or push the ring into a bar of soap to make an impression. Attention: if you settle for the latter, ensure you rinse the ring thoroughly afterwards to avoid getting caught out! Alternatively, if she is a particularly heavy sleeper, you could use a piece of string to measure her finger while she is asleep. It all depends how brave you’re feeling!

Take your drawing, soap impression or piece of string to any jeweller and they will determine what size her engagement ring should be.



2. Play Pretends

Another option would be to tell your girlfriend you have a female relative’s birthday on the horizon and that you plan to buy them a ring.

Invite her to accompany you to a jeweller’s and help you pick out the right style and size by trying on a few. Then tip off the jeweller ahead of your visit to have them suss out her ring size behind the scenes.


Sabin's simply stunning engagement ring.
Sabin’s simply stunning engagement ring.


3. Phone a Friend

If you’re not sold on either of the above sneaky solutions, you could always enlist the help of one of her friends or perhaps a close family member as they may well know her ring size already. Of course if they don’t, they could ask the question on your behalf – much more subtle coming from them than you!



Hopefully that gives you some good ideas on how to find her ring size out without blowing your cover – good luck!


For more suggestions on how to select the perfect engagement ring, drop us an email at info@theoneromance.com.


Lucy, The One Romance


Photo credits: http://mamiejanes.blogspot.co.uk, https://www.rileygrey.com/blog, http://www.soletopia.com


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