3 ways to personalise your Christmas proposal!

You’ve decided you are going to propose this Christmas but maybe that’s as far as you have got. The HOW and WHERE is still unanswered. As Proposal Planners we really believe a proposal should be as personalised and unique as possible, so here are our top 3 tips on how to propose at Christmas in a really unique and personalised way.


1. Start collecting matchboxes now and cover them in xmas wrapping paper. Inside each one, write a promise that you want to make to your partner. These promises can lead up to the final matchbox that you can give her on Christmas day that has the ring in.

2. Create  a personalised advent calender for your girlfriend. Fill each day with little gifts of things she loves to show her how well you know and love her. If she loves red jelly beans, fill one pot with just red jelly beans. If the first time you told her was on valentines day, include a small calendar with a love heart drawn around that date.

3. Decorating your Christmas tree could end up being the perfect way to propose with these stunning polaroid baubles. Insert photos of the two of you throughout your relationship into the baubles and then present her with the final bauble in a box. This one can have a polaroid of you holding up a sign saying ‘Will You Marry Me?”

If you would like some more Christmas Proposal Ideas or would like to know how to propose, then please get in touch with The One Romance. We are professional Proposal Planners and we have thousands of unique and personalised proposal ideas up our sleeves. And don’t worry – we will never arrange the same proposal twice, so your proposal will be as unique as your relationship.

Images sources: Matchboxes,  advent, Baulb

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