Unforgettable Proposals in Majestic Castles

At The One Romance, our passion for crafting unforgettable proposals is matched only by our love for heritage and history. For those looking to make their proposal truly magical, there’s nothing quite like the timeless elegance of an English or Irish castle. Our exclusive client list has the unique privilege of accessing some of the most celebrated castles in the stunning English and Irish countryside, where dreams become reality. Let us guide you through the enchanting tales and grandeur of some of our favourites…

Amberley Castle: A Medieval Marvel

Nestled in the heart of the West Sussex countryside, Amberley Castle is a 900-year-old medieval fortress with a rich history dating back to the 12th century. This remarkable castle, with its ivy-clad walls and tranquil gardens, exudes romance and charm. Imagine proposing in the shadow of ancient stone towers, under the twinkling lights of the castle’s private candle-lit chapel or the grounds overlooking the lake and castle. The ambiance here is nothing short of magical, making it an ideal spot for a grand, fairy-tale proposal.

Cabra Castle

Just outside the bustling city of Dublin lies waiting the peaceful grounds of one of Ireland’s timeless gems. A mixture of Neo-Norman and Gothic Styles from the early 19th century, Cabra Castle stands grand in the pristine green fields of its one hundred acres. The One Romance is privileged to have partnerships across Ireland and the UK and this gorgeous location is one of our all-time favourites. As it was for our happy couple last year when our team flew out personally from London to curate the most impeccable proposal on its stretching grounds. Constructing a four-post structure draped with white satins, their proposal-scape was adorned with hundreds of red roses and florals in high-standing gold and glass vases. The picture of opulence in the most perfect of settings. Finished with their very own red carpet, it’s safe to say this happy couple had the royal treatment, and a great big YES from the soon-to-be-bride!

Hever Castle: The Home of Anne Boleyn

Hever Castle, the childhood home of Anne Boleyn, offers a blend of history and romance that is hard to match. Located in Kent, this 13th-century castle boasts beautiful gardens, a picturesque lake, and opulent interiors, whilst still in comfortable driving distance from the city of London. Perhaps a proposal by the shimmering lake takes your fancy, or surrounded by vibrant blooms in their curated gardens, or within the grandeur of the Tudor dining hall. Hever Castle’s rich history and stunning setting provide the perfect backdrop for a proposal fit for royalty. If it’s good enough for Anne its good enough for us!

Peckforton Castle: A Fairy-Tale Fortress

Peckforton Castle, located in Cheshire, is a Victorian-era fortress that resembles a medieval castle, complete with turrets and a grand entrance. This enchanting location is perfect for a whimsical, fairy-tale proposal. Imagine a candle-lit dinner in the castle’s great hall, adorned with luxurious red velvet curtains and golden table-scapes, or a romantic moment in the picturesque courtyard, surrounded by the castle’s imposing stone walls. The history of this stunning gem exudes from its character to is simply waiting for you to add your love story to its incredible repertoire.

Creating Your Bespoke Baroque Setting

At The One Romance, we believe in creating a proposal experience as unique as your love story, and with our impeccable designs and logistical coordination from a decade of experience our team of expert stylists, craftsmen, and designers are dedicated to bringing your vision to life. Whether that be…

Regal Decor: Embrace the opulence of your surroundings with golden table-scapes, crystal chandeliers, and lush floral arrangements. A grand dining room set for a candle-lit dinner, with every detail reflecting the elegance of a bygone era.

Gowns and Crowns: Elevate the fairy-tale atmosphere with elaborate gowns and crowns, making you and your partner feel like true royalty. Our in-house stylists can help you select the perfect attire to complement the grandeur of your chosen castle. What about arriving, as one of our soon-to-be-grooms did, as their fiancé’s knight in shining armour! Fit with full suit of armour, mighty steed and very own medieval horse handler! We really can do it all.

Personal Touches: Incorporate elements of your personal love story into the setting and your partner’s childhood favourite memories. Just like we did for a stunning Sleeping Beauty proposal! Complete with handmade adornments of beloved characters, cascading flower arch with pink and white hues, and waves of luxurious red velvet curtains wrapping the ancient stone tower. With their perfect musical accompaniment, the lucky bride to be stepped straight into a dream and came out as the blushing fiancé even Disney themselves would envy.

We really do pride ourselves on our meticulous attention to detail and commitment to your own personal excellence. Our dedicated staff will assist you in gaining access to these exclusive heritage sites, ensuring that every aspect of your proposal is perfectly organized and executed. From dressing the venue to coordinating with local vendors, we handle every detail to place you in the best position to give your king or queen their happily ever after.

Let The One Romance turn your dream proposal into a reality, surrounded by the timeless beauty and grandeur of Ireland and England’s most celebrated castles. With our expertise and passion for heritage, you truly can have your very own royal affair.

Thank you to our team of fantastic photographers who captured these beautiful images for us:

Gemma Chase

Paul Grace

Jonathan Bickle

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Kenny Hickey

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