5 things guys MUST do before they buy an engagement ring

The Ring!

You might want to (subtly) show this to your man if you are hoping to get a proposal this Christmas…..

1. Work out your budget

Buying an engagement ring is a big step so make sure you know exactly where you stand financially. Some people say you should spend the equivalent of three months salary on a ring, but here at The One Romance we don’t agree with that. Spend what you can afford…..There are so many gorgeous rings out there that you don’t have to completely splash the cash to get something stunning. If you are nervous about picking the ring, then contact us about our Romance Concierge Service. We will meet up with you and take you to come of the best jewelers around, whilst helping you pick the perfect ring for your other half. We are the Proposal Experts for a reason!

2. Study (yup, it’s going to feel like an exam)

Learning the 4 C’s (cut, clarity, colour, carat) is pretty important when choosing an engagement ring. We are not saying you have to become a Diamond Expert (We can do that for you!) but having a rough understanding about the 4’s C’s is essential if you want to choose the perfect engagement ring.

3. Find our her ring size

We have lots of very subtle ways of finding our her ring size so drop us an email at info@theoneromance.co.uk and we will reveal all….it won’t cost you a penny!

4.  Hire in the experts

Hello (waves!), That’s us! We are the UK’s Top Luxury Proposal Planners so we can help you plan a stunning and unique proposal. Every proposal we arrange is completely tailored to the couple so it will be both ridiculously romantic and thoughtful but also personalsied to your as a couple too. Check our some of our Past Proposals, to see the sorts of proposals we have arranged

5. Ask permission

One of the traditions that we really feel should be honored in a marriage proposal is asking her parents permission. Remember that a proposal also means that you are dedicating your life to your other half, and so letting her parents know you are going to look after her forever, is not only romantic but also incredibly respectful. If you are nervous about asking her parents permission then drop us an email and we can give some some very good advice. We promise!

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