5 ways to use the details from your proposal in your Wedding

So you got engaged in a fantastic way! But how do you use the details from your proposal in your wedding day? After all, your proposal is the one thing that lead to your wedding day, so it’s cute to try and include that special moment in your wedding day if possible.

Here’s our top 5 ways to use the details from your proposal in your wedding day.


1) Table Settings

Did you snap some amazing pics of the unforgettable moment your man proposed? Why not turn them into table numbers for your guests! Perhaps you have photos of the location where he popped the question? Maybe you have an ‘engagement selfie’? You can exclusively use photos from your engagement or add in pictures from other pivotal times in your relationship!

2) Share the Moment

Do you have a video of how you got engaged? Consider using it on a projector before you are introduced to your friends and family as husband and wife at your reception!

3) Your Song

More and more proposals are beginning to include songs and performances, so why not add a bit of that proposal magic to your wedding day too. Hire professional singers to recreate the proposal by performing your songs for the guests at your wedding.

London Proposal ideas with singers

4) The Guest Book

Create a unique way for your wedding guests to give you well-wishes by making the pages of the guest book tie in to your proposal. Whether you got engaged in another country and use maps as the pages of the guest book or use momentos for the proposal pressed in between the pages, use this as a way to show your guests they’ve been a crucial part of your relationship along the way.

5) The Favours

Use images or the general theme of your proposal when creating favours for your wedding guests. For example my proposal included a scene from Romeo & Juliet, I might consider using Shakespearean sonnets printed as the wrapping for my wedding favours.

If you need any more advice on how to make your wedding even more personalised and special then please get in touch. We are expert Romance Planners which means we can help create unique and romantic ways to make your wedding day even more special. We do not plan weddings, but we add those little romantic details that wedding planners cant. Let’s just say, it’s a unique service that will leave the guests at your wedding speechless!

Email info@theoneromance.com for more info.

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