A Christmas Tree Marriage Proposal

If you are thinking of proposing this Christmas, then take inspiration from this wonderful Christmas  marriage Proposal. Tim took is unsuspecting girlfriend Brittany to a garden centre over Christmas. As the walked in, Brittany noticed that the garden centre was empty apart from a few members of staff. As they continue to walk she then stopped a cornered off area with lots of Christmas trees. But this Christmas  marriage proposal got even more romantic, when she realised all of the trees had been  decorated with photos of her and Tim.

The proposal photos below of the Christmas  marriage proposal tell the rest of the story perfectly:

christmas proposal ideas 2

Christmas proposal ideas 3

Christmas Proposal ideas 5

Christmas proposal ideas 6

Christmas Propsoal ideas 4

Christmas Propsoal ideas 6

Christmas propsoal


If you are thinking of proposing this Christmas and would consider a Christmas tree marriage proposal then we can help you plan something magical to wow your other half. From personalising your own Christmas tree with romantic love notes, to shutting down an entire Christmas tree store and decorating hundreds of trees with fairy lights, nothing is impossible! We have planned hundreds of beautiful marriage proposals and have a 100% success rate (we have never had a ‘no’) so you are in incredibly safe hands.  Drop us an email on info@theoneromance.com


Proposal Photographer: Jessica Rose Smith

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