A Family Affair

All you need is love, and all love needs is a home to grow and those beloved others to grow with. For Doc and Heather, their love had grown into a wonderful family over the years, with pasts and presents merging into a perfect future together. When Doc came to us he was certain that no proposal to his beloved Heather would be complete without their presence. But how best to include them whilst maintaining that all important intimacy that Doc knows Heather loves so much. Well, sometimes the simplest solution is not only the most elegant, but can become the most poignant, especially when it comes to love notes.

The humble love note has been a feature of romantic gestures through book, film, and life for centuries. To declare in writing one’s blessing for another is something that can be kept close to the heart for years – a tangible reminder that the ones around you love you and thought of you through every written word. When you combine these sentiments with the gorgeous variety of children and family members from all ages and backgrounds, the result truly is magical.

For Doc and Heather, their family did not let them down. There, in London’s bright and balmy city centre, Doc and Heather discovered the hidden gem that is Fitzrovia Chapel. With its original mosaic walls, gold light fixtures and arched ceilings, the glorious space was to be home for their love in this moment and made all the more special by the bespoke proposal hoop sat up front and centre by the alter. Hanging from the hoop were personalised love notes from all their loved ones. Drawings, blessings, guidance, and simple declarations of love, hung delicately from the ivy and wisteria, and reminded Doc and Heather just how much love their life is filled with. As Doc asked the most important question he could, to add a little more, and share in that love forever more.

If their personalised love notes were not tearjerking enough, discreetly hidden under the arches was one of our wonderful musicians, Ella, who serenaded their walk down the aisle to their proposal scene, and there amongst the roses and photographs, set the scene for their future. And what a wonderful future we know it will be.

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