A Long Stemmed Roses Marriage Proposal At UCL

A couple of months ago, we were approached by Tariq to help plan his marriage proposal. He met his girlfriend, Nibilla whilst studying law at university and wanted this to be included in the proposal as they shared so many memories there.

He wanted an elegant, sophisticated proposal that had never been done before, so we quickly got to work putting his dreams into reality.

You can view some of the gorgeous marriage proposal photos and the story of the proposal below, or if you prefer you can watch the video!

Tariq and Nibilla met whilst studying law at University so it was essential that their proposal had a ‘law theme’ to it as it was such an important part of their relationship.


Tariq arranged to meet Nibilla in London and suggested they visit their old university. As they arrived, Nibilla was handed a note by a complete stranger. It was a love note from Tariq telling her all of the reasons he loves her…Tariq had spent days coming up with all of the reasons he loved Nibilla. We then wrote these reasons on stunning flower pressed paper…


Nibilla was handed more and more love notes as she continued to walk around the campus.

One of the reasons we love including love notes in proposals is that they can then be used on the wedding day. We have had clients in the past who have had the love notes blown up and used to decorate a wedding venue. Stunning!
After the final love note was delivered, Nibillia walked up the iconic UCL steps and found this….long stemmed roses spelling out “Marry Me”.

This was the moment that Tariq got down on one knee and asked her to be his wife!

DSC_6020 - Copy

If you would like help planning your marriage proposal then please get in touch. We plan proposals all over the world, from flashmob proposal in theatres in the States, to romantic picnic proposals under a romantic bandstand in Hyde Park. We never arrange the same proposal twice so you can be guaranteed your proposal is unique to you.

Contact us on info@theoneromance.com and we can talk you through some of our proposal ideas and help you plan the proposal of your partners dream!


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