A Marriage Proposal with Dogs and Disney

Marriage Proposal with Dogs and Disney

We all love our four legged friends but what happens if you want to a marriage proposal with Dogs? You’ve heard the expression, never work with Children or Animals, but this didn’t put our Proposal Planner Tiffany off when she planned this incredibly sweet marriage proposal with dogs.

A Romantic Proposal with Dogs and Disney

Sahill’s girlfriend Aarthie was obsessed with dogs and Disney – so what better way to propose than by getting six adorable dogs and dressing them up as Disney Characters.

On the day of the proposal, Sahil  suggested that they went for a walk in Highgate woods.

As they sat down on a bench, Aarthie was suddenly approached by a woman walking a dog – who was dressed up to look like Woody (the cowboy from Toy story!)

Proposal ideas with Dogs


Meet the Dogs featured in our proposal

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As each dog walked their way towards Aarthie, she was handed a love note (which was signed and sealed by Sahil)



s the final god approached her, dressed as Prince Charming, he had a very special message written on this back: “Will you marry me?” It was at this point that Sahil dropped to one knee



You can watch the entire “Proposal with Dogs and Disney” video below


This proposal was so romantic it was even featured on Tiffany’s  TV Show*, where she was filmed arranging out of this word marriage proposals. You can watch the entire show here.

So, if your partner loves dogs and you are thinking of proposing then please get in touch. We have planned some fabulous, unique and incredibly romantic marriage proposals worldwide and we have a 100% ‘She said YES’ success rate so you know we can be trusted with one of the most important days of your lives. For more Proposal Ideas, email us on info@theoneromance.com

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