A Romance Planner!? What is a Romance Planner?


You’ve heard of Wedding Planners. You know hotels have concierges to help you plan details of your stay….but what happens when you want to do something romantic but need some expert help? This is where Romance Planners come along….and considering we are the only Romance Planners in the UK and Europe (!) you’ve come to the right place!

So here’s some inside tips on what Romance Planners actually do…and how we can be your go to romance experts!

1. We help you come up with something completely unique and peronalised to you – whether you want to pull of an amazing marriage proposal or treat your other half to a very special date, we make sure we arrange the most romantic experience possible for you! We never arrange the same experience twice so you can be sure that no one else you know will have done something quite as romantic as you!

2. We take away the stress so you can relax and enjoy the event – The last thing you want when you are trying to be romantic is to worry about wet weather options, timings and whether the location is pretty enough. Which is why we do all of that for you! Hiring us as your romance planners means you are left completely stress free.


3. We know all of the most romantic places in the world (Even those hidden secret ones!) – anyone can google ‘romantic spots in London’ but when you work with us, we will show you all those romantic spots that no one else knows about. We have a huge ‘secret book of secret venues’ that lots of people don’t even know exist…and we can transform these into your perfect romantic spot

4. We are there on standby on the day in case you need anything. From rescue remedy or a shot of whiskey (if you are about to propose!) to  running to the nearest shop if you run out of your favourite champagne.

5. We can give your expert romantic advice throughout, from tips on choosing the most gorgeous engagement ring, to romance etiquette and what to buy on which wedding anniversary. Believe us when we say we know EVERYTHING there is to know about being romantic….

Want to hear more (or maybe you just want some romantic advice)? Drop us an email on inof@theoneromance.co.uk

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