A Romantic Date idea in London


Romantic Date idea in London
Romantic Date idea in London

Isaac got in touch with us to help him plan a romantic date idea in London for his girlfriend Demi. He described himself as the ‘most unromantic man in the world’ so we knew we had to help him pull of something really special when he told his girlfriend Demi he loved her for the first time.

Demi and Isaac had never been to London before so after watching the changing of the guards he suggested they head to St James’s Park for a walk. With the London Eye as a backdrop and the sun making an appearance, the couple headed into the park. Little did Demi know, that we had a secret photographer following them and taking gorgeous photos as they went on their walk

Romantic date ideas in London
Beautiful St James’s Park in London – the perfect spot for a romantic date
romantic date ideas London 2
Isaac and Demi start their date by going for a walk in the park. Demi has no idea Isaac had been planning this                                                                                                  date for months…

As they walked thought the park, demi started to notice some beautiful origami love hearts dotted along the pathway. They had her name on them  and inside were handwritten notes from Isaac.

the one romance romntic dates proposal london sofia plana weddin
One of the gorgeous origami love notes that were dotted throughout the park for Demi

As the couple walked passed trees and hedges, she saw more and more love notes – some of  them in little glass bottles  with her name on them. There were twenty love notes in total – proving that when Isaac put his mind to it (and with our help) the world’s most ‘unromantic man’ was actually turning into a modern day Mr Darcy!

the one romance romntic dates proposal london sofia plana weddin
A love message in a bottle especially for Demi


romantic unique dates ideas London
Demi reading one of the love notes

As the couple walked along the lake, Demi was approached by one of The One Romance Team and handed an ipad with a note attached to it saying ‘listen to me.’ The couple sat down on a bench and listened. On the ipad was a personalised song written all about Demi which we had had one of our amazingly talented musicians compose for her. Unbeknown to Demi, Isaac had spent hours chatting to our songwriter so that the song was as personalised as possible . It even included lines about how they first met and how Isaac felt about her.

romantic date ideas in London
She was then handed an ipod which has a song written about Demi on it


romantic dating ideas in London
The couple sit down to listen to the song


But this romantic London date did not end here! The best was yet to come. Isaac wanted to tell Demi he loved her for the first time, so at the end of the song she was told to look up at the bridge.

This is what she saw

Romantic Date ideas in London
Isaac tells his girlfriend Demi he loves her for the first time! Could this be any more romantic!


Demi was so overwhelmed that she couldn’t stop crying and told us later that it was the most romantic  thing that she had ever experienced.

the one romance romntic dates proposal london sofia plana weddin
Demi was so overwhelmed with all of the effort Isaac had gone to


Our secret photographer then made an appearance and the couple went off around London and had a fabulous photo shoot, so they could remember the day forever.

Isaac and Demi
Isaac and Demi


If you are looking for romantic date ideas in London, or worldwide, then we can help you plan something truly unique and fabulous for your other half. All of the dates we arrange are completely tailored to the couple and are sure to leave your partner speechless (in a good way!)

For more romantic London date ideas then drop us an email on info@theoneromance.com


Romantic Date ideas in London planned by The One Romance
Romance Experts Amanda (left) and Tiffany (right) from The One Romance (joined by the fabulous Bubbles who often helps the team plan proposals and dates!)



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