A romantic gay marriage proposal in a bookshop

Marriage Proposal: A very romantic gay proposal
Marriage Proposal Location: Manchester
Marriage Proposal Planner: Tiffany Wright (the One Romance’s Founder and Expert Proposal Planner)

The Marriage Proposal Plan: When Gennice got in touch needing help planning her marriage proposal I wanted to make sure that it was completely tailored to her relationship with her girlfriend. The couple had been through quite a tough time having met on the internet when they were just 14 and keeping their relationship a secret from their parents. Which is why we knew – 10 years later – that this proposal HAD to be perfect. Gennice told me that Louise was a complete bookworm and was obsessed with the book ‘Wuthering Heights.” Which is why the obvious place for this proposal to happen was in her favorite bookshop!

We set about decorating the bookshop with a personalised book display in the window – all of the books were Louise’s favorite books but there was one special book at the front. It was called “Reasons I love Louise, By Gennice.”

Watch the marriage proposal video to find out exactly what happened on the day of the proposal!

If you would like help planning a marriage proposal then please get in touch with our Proposal planners at The One Romance. We tailor every  proposal to the relationship so that you are guaranteed a unique proposal that has never been done before.

You can email us on info@theoneromance.co.uk


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