A Romantic London James Bond Marriage Proposal

Marriage Proposal: A Romantic London James Bond Marriage Proposal
Marriage Proposal Location:  The Thames, London
Marriage Proposal Planner: Tiffany Wright (the One Romance’s Founder and Expert Proposal Planner)

The Marriage Proposal Plan: I love arranging proposals in my hometown London, which was why when I was contacted by Stephen who wanted to propose in London I was over the moon. Thankfully I know all of the most romantic places to propose in London so it was easy to come up with an incredible London Proposal idea that Stephen was over the moon with.

Here’s what happened on this gorgeous London Proposal. In fact, it was so romantic it was even featured on my TV show!*

On the proposal day: In the morning Stephen took his girlfriend Estee to Chelsea Embankment where James Bond’s ACTUAL speedboat was waiting for them (I kid you not – it was the EXACT boat used in one of the Bond films!!) They hopped on board before zooming down The Thames – but not before a few romantic surprises happened first!

Romantic London Proposal

Proposal in London

Stephen excused himself to go to the loo and when he appeared he was dressed as James Bond himself for this very romantic London Proposal! He was shortly followed by a violinist who played all of Estee’s Favorite songs.

But then the Boat stopped just in front of London’s stunning Houses of Parliament and Estee was told to turn around. Up on the bridge 15 umbrellas opened to spell out WILL YOU MARRY ME?

will you marry me umbrellas

Who wouldn’t say YES to this gorgeous London Proposal! You can watch the entire London proposal in the video below (make sure you have the tissues ready!)

If you would like some London Proposal Ideas or need some advice on how to propose in London, then we can help. We are based in London so know the city like the back of our hand, meaning we are the best people to help you plan something spectacular like Stephens Proposal above!

For more information see our Plan your proposal and Proposal ideas page

Tiff x

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