A Singing London Flashmob Marriage Proposal

Marriage Proposal: A Singing London Flashmob Marriage Proposal
Marriage Proposal Location:  Hungerford Bridge, London
Marriage Proposal Planner: Tiffany Wright (the One Romance’s Founder and Expert Proposal Planner)

The Marriage Proposal Plan: Noah is possibly the most romantic man I have ever met, and when he explained that he wanted to propose to pregnant girlfriend Naomi I knew his proposal was going to be pretty spectacular.

On the proposal day:  We arranged for the couple to go to the Manderin Oriental for drinks. Noah excused himself to go to the bathroom and Naomi was handed a note from Noah by one of our Proposal Planners, telling her a car was waiting for her outside. When Naomi got into the car she was handed an ipad with a video message from Noah (gulp -it will make you cry!) She then arrived at Hungerford Bridge (a bridge that holds a lot of memories for the couple. As she walked along it a flashmob of singers started singing one of her favorite songs and Noah was waiting for her at the end of the bridge

This marriage proposal* included secret camera work, a dozen red roses, a flashmob and LOTS of happy tears.

So, if you would like us  to plan your marriage proposal  then please get in touch with me and email The One Romance on info@theoneromance.

Tiffany x

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