Breast Cancer victim gets amazing marriage proposal

Ok, we admit it. Despite being Proposal Planners and planning  hundreds of proposals all over London, we STILL cry at every single proposal. It’s probably because of all of the time and effort the groom to be has put into planning the proposal, and seeing the look of excitement on his girlfriend face when she says YES, but we just cant help it…the tears ALWAYS flow (happy tears I might add!)

Romantic-proposal-Proposal-planners - London - The one Romance

Which is why we are currently sat here surrounded by mountains of tissues with big puffy eyes….because THIS romantic, thoughtful proposal really does pull at your heartstrings.

On the 16th May Brittnay (aged just 26) was diagnosed with Breast Cancer and surgery was scheduled for the 30th May. Her Boyfriend Ben was adamant that her bad news would not be the start of the end, but the start of a new (and exciting) life. So he arranged a surprise “Pre-Surgery” party for her.  Congratulations Brittany and Ben. Watch the video to see why we are such an emotional wreck!


If you would like help with proposal ideas or need a hand planning your proposal, then The One Romance Proposal Planners are here to guide you through the process. Proposing can be a stressful time, but with our help you can enjoy it whilst knowing that your partner is about to be on the recieving end of the BEST PROPOSAL EVER.


Don’t believe us? Then check out some of the Romantic Proposals in London (and worldwide) that we have arranged!

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