Clues he's about to propose that EVERY woman misses…..

Wedding at Hacienda de San Rafael, Seville,

1. He’s cooking stir-fry

Is your man suddenly spending more time in the kitchen and refusing to indulge in his usual weekend takeaways? There’s only one reason for it: He’s watching his money because he’s about to invest in a huge diamond ring!

2.  He’s spending time on tripadvisor

A recent study shows more and more men are proposing overseas, meaning if your man has been addicted to trip advisor recently, he might just be looking for that perfect place abroad to pop the question.

3.  He’s suddenly best mates with your best mate

If he’s whatsapping your friend, then a proposal could be imminent. Lots of men seek advice from their girlfriends nearest and dearest before proposing, not only to get tips on the sort of ring you might like, but also to reassure him you’ll say yes. Sweet hey?

4. He starts taking an interest in your nails

Whilst he may never have noticed the colour of your nail varnish before, if he suddenly starts saying things like ‘that suits you’ then go book yourself a manicure. When men have bought an engagement ring they cant help but think about what it will look like on your finger…which is why his sudden interest in your nails could be a BIG hint he’s going to propose.

If you are hoping that your man’s about to propose then why not get in touch with us and we will send him a subtle ‘hint.’ Let us know his email address and we can send him a ‘coincidental’ email containing proposal tips. Don’t worry – he’ll never know you were involved! And believe us, this works! We have had girls send us their guys email addresses before and after our ‘coincidental’ email hint, we’ve been contacted by them to arrange their proposal!



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