Do's and Don'ts of a surprise proposal

Proposing to the person you love is a huge and exciting ordeal that we all love to hear about. Many men spend months planning the perfect proposal to ensure their partner has a fantastic day and they answer the important question with a big YES! Here at The One Romance we take pride in creating some of the most romantic surprise proposals in the UK. Surprise proposals always leave an emotional and memorable story to tell for years to come, so here’s a few dos and don’ts you need to remember when planning your surprise proposal…

DON’T forget the ring!

Make sure you don’t get too wrapped up in planning, stress or anxiety that you forget the most important part of the proposal.

DON’T tell everyone.

The more people you share your surprise proposal details with, the more chance you have of someone bursting the bubble. Just make sure you have asked her father’s permission and maybe share the news with a couple of her closest friends and family members to gather more ideas and opinions about what she would like.

DO incorporate yourselves.

Make sure your surprise proposal is unique to yourselves and tailored to suit you both as a couple. We will spend time getting to know you and your other half to make sure your proposal is as unique and personal as possible in order to create your perfect proposal.



The last thing you want is a grand surprise proposal that is too big for you to handle. Make sure you think about what she would love in terms of the size of the proposal and who is present at the moment you ask her to marry you. If you do wish to plan a large proposal, we are able to make this stress-free and easy to do with our experts whilst helping you to create new and innovative ideas.

DO plan ahead.

When planning a surprise proposal it is important to begin planning several months in advance. It is likely that something will not go to plan on the big day, therefore the longer you have been planning the event the more likely it is that you have thought about what could go wrong. We will also be able to help you brainstorm and possible difficulties and challenges that could arise on the day.

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By Elizabeth Mainwaring

Images courtesy of Kristine Liv, Hattie Powell, Steel Toe Boots, Beth Molan, Laura Allen

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