How to create a unique restaurant proposal

Here at The One Romance, we aim to make each proposal unique to the couple. Every individual is different and we aspire to embrace those differences when customising your proposal. This means playing to your strengths and bringing out the best in you.

A restaurant proposal used to be very traditional, however it can now be seen as a little cliché. Although we encourage our customers to create their very own unique proposal, we will happily help you arrange an extraordinary proposal in the restaurant of your choice should you wish to do so.

Here’s some tips on how to make your restaurant proposal unique to you and your partner and super romantic!

Surprise menu

All couples have a favourite dish that they enjoy cooking together or a favourite dish to order. Food is something we all enjoy in one form or another, and it’s a brilliant way to be creative with your proposal. Surprise your other half by creating a special menu just to place on your table at the restaurant with their favourite dishes and decorations on it. You could even call the dishes special names that mean something to you both. It’s sure to bring a smile to their face and ensure they enjoy their food before the big moment. To really surprise your partner, you could even add your message to the food…

Special momentos

Proposals last different lengths of time, and a restaurant proposal could go a little too quickly if you’re not careful. One way to make your restaurant proposal extra special and make it last a bit longer is to have special mementos delivered to your partner throughout your meal. These could include love notes, a message in a bottle, a photograph or any other objects that have special meanings to you. Delivering small gifts would also work well.

 Music performance

Serenade your partner with their favourite song – perhaps have a busker performing on the street and have them come into the restaurant as a surprise. This can be really good for those who struggle to express themselves through their own words; instead pick a song that can express how you feel or your favourite couple song to set the mood and say those words you may be struggling to say.

Restaurant tour

restaurant proposal
Another trick to get the most out of your restaurant wedding is to arrange a personal tour of the restaurant. Pick a place with romantic gardens and lead your partner to a secret room filled with flowers, candles and your favourite photographs before asking the question. Your partner is bound to be surprised and taken aback with the special thoughts and efforts you have put into the day.

Re-enact your first date

Perhaps if you and your partner had your first date or a special date at a restaurant you could go back there to re-create that night. First dates are always special and you could even have the same food on the menu and the same music playing. Alternatively, you can take your partner to the same place but create some new memories there that you won’t forget. To make the day extra special, buy your partner some clothes and a new perfume/cologne for them to use before the big date.

Whether you want to propose in a restaurant, a hot air balloon or the Eiffel Tower, The One Romance can make your dream proposal come true. We can add a special twist to any location to provide with the special moment you have been waiting for.

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