How to do romance like a gentleman – Downton Abbey's most romantic moments

Admit it – you are currently sat glued to the TV, wishing you lived in the 1920’s and hoping one day you will develop the wit of Lady Grantham.

Last week, One Girl Tiffany headed to Highclere to suss out ideas for a Downton themed proposal or date night. One thing that struck her was just how romantic Highclere  was…..the grounds, the rooms, the history…..So, fuelled with numerous ideas on how to propose to a Downton fan, she wanted to share with you some of Downton’s most romantic moments….

. 1. Matthew’s proposal to Lady Mary Not only did he overcome war, prejudice, Lady Mary’s arrogance(!) and the fact they were distant relatives, Matthew managed to produce the most romantic moment in Downton’s history…..well, who wouldn’t say YES to such a gorgeous man?!? BTW Who else thinks Matthew should be bought back from the dead? We are thinking of starting a petition her at The One Romance office!

proposla in the snow

2. Lady Edith and her one true love…..If anyone has been unlucky in love it’s Edith. She’s been left at the alter,  fallen for a married farmer and now she had no idea if the current love of he life (and father of her child!) is alive or dead. But one thing we do know for sure…..we’d quite like her to find her happily ever after with  Michael Gregson.

downton edith

3.Bates and Anna – If ever there were  a pair who have defended each other and stuck together, it’s Anna and Bates. Never has there been a couple who really optimise ’til death do us part.’ But who will end up in jail this time? If Anna’s suspicious behaviour has anything to go by….?


If you are a Downton fan, or think your other half would love a Downton themed date or proposal, then get in touch and we can come up with an incredible unique idea for you!


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