How to make you marriage proposal go viral on Youtube


Nowadays more and more people want an incredible marriage proposal! Gone are the days when people just drop down on one knee in a restaurant – today’s marriage proposals are bigger, bolder and a LOT more romantic.

We are sure you have all sat in front of youtube and weeped happy tears whilst watching on of their viral proposal videos (We know we have!) So, if you are thinking of proposing and want to make your marriage proposal go VIRAL, then here are our top tips

1.  Do something DIFFERENT – everyone has seen the ‘Isaac Lip Dub’ Proposal and loads of people have watching all singing all dancing flashmob proposals on Youtube. But if you want to be a youtube proposal star, then make sure your proposal video is DIFFERENT AND UNIQUE. How do you do this? Let us plan the proposal for you! We never arrange the same proposal twice and every marriage proposal we arrange is tailored to the couple – so you can guarantee it will be romantic and there will be tears (happy ones!) We have also had  quote a few of our marriage proposals go viral, so we know exactly what to do to get you a million likes on Youtube!

2. Release your  video on a Monday Or Tuesday – Most people watch Youtube Videos whilst they are at work. Release your video on Monday or Tuesday to give it the whole week to gain momentum. Weekends are speed bumps.


3. Tell a story – If you want people to get addicted to your proposal video, then make sure they get to know YOU and your partner before the actual propose. Include photos of the two of you throughout the years, explain to the camera what you love about your partner….make your audience root for you so that you have their support when it comes to the actual proposal!

4. Make sure your video is edited to a high standard – this is when you need to call in the experts (er, hello? That’s us again!) We work with top video editors and videographers to make sure all of the proposals we film look incredible once they hit youtube, Our Editors have worked for Sky, The BBC, ITV to name but a few, so they are highly skilled in making your proposal video as incredible as possible!

Now you know how to make your proposal go viral, all that’s left is to actually PLAN YOUR PROPOSAL. So drop us an email at and we will help you come up with a completely unique proposal idea and help you plan it from start to finish. Have a look at some of our past marriage proposals for inspiration!

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