How to propose to a Downton fan

So, let’s make a bet. Your girlfriend is currently snuggled up on the sofa, eyes glued to Downton Abbey and you are sat here goggling propose ideas. Which is why our ‘how to propose to a Downton Fan’ is exactly what you need to be reading. Get out that pad and paper…you’re going to have to take notes…

Here’s how The One Romance would arrange a Downton themed proposal:

. telegram downton

On the morning of your proposal, a telegram arrives through the post inviting you to Highclere  Castle. You pack your bags and head off for the day – giving your girlfriend no clue of what is waiting for her.


As you approach Highclere, a butler  hands you  a map complete with a  clues for you to follow around Downton. At this point, you can still pretend you have no idea what is happening, and just play along as you start to explore the stunning home of the Granthams.

The map leads you to lots of personalised love notes that you have written prior to the visit (don’t worry, The One Romance team will have planted these for you prior to your arrival so you don’t have to worry about a thing!) These could be notes with memories of the times you have spent together or promises that you wish you make to her once you become her husband.

downton love notes

As she finds her final note she is lead into the main hallway of Highclere where we will have set up a gorgeous themed Downton private dinner for the two of you. With your own butlers to look after you and a violinist to serenade you, you can enjoy your meal before taking her outside for that all important moment…

wedding reception downton

downton dinner


As you step outside, you will walk into a winter wonderland, just like when Matthew proposed to Lady Mary. The One Romance team will have placed candles and fairy lights in the snow (supplied by a snow machine of the weather doesn’t cooperate!) so that all you have to do is re-enact Downtowns most famous proposal.

matthew proposal

If you are thinking of proposing to a Downton Fan then please do get in touch with The One Romance as we have lots of Downton themed propos ideas that we can personalised for you.

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