How to pull off a proposal on Fireworks night (without getting in trouble!)

It’s the 5th of November and what better way to propose than when you are both snuggled up in scarves and hats toasting marshmallows on the bonfire? However if you want a really unique and cool way to propose this bonfires night, then our Proposal Planners (AKA The One Girls) know just the way so get in touch.

Marry Me Fireworks Proposal idea

Here is our proposal advice if you are thinking of proposing with fireworks

Make sure it’s legal

Believe it or not, fireworks are actually banned in some countries and states which is why it’s important to know where and IF you can actually propose using fireworks as your chosen destination. As professional Proposal Planners, we have arranged numerous proposals that incorporate fireworks and as such, we know exactly where you can and can’t propose with a bang! So save yourself the stress and let us do it for you.

Make sure she’s a fireworks fan

Sounds obvious right? But whilst lots of people might think proposing outdoors on a cold and windy night is romantic, your other half may have other ideas! If she’s not the outdoorsy type then she might not appreciate being dragged into the cold for your big romantic gesture. But don’t despair.  When we arrange a proposal at The One Romance, we meet up with you to get to know as much as we can about your other half. Sometimes, when you know someone so well, the little things aren’t obvious, so we will be there to work out exactly what sort of person they are and what the ideal proposal would be for them

A fireworks display can be expensive

We’re always honest with our clients which is why when people come to us saying then want to propose with a fireworks display we let them know that it might be costly. Some fireworks display companies charge a hefty fee to propose with fireworks and in some cases (fi you want to pull it off in a big public space) then you need to get a permit too.  But don’t stress! If you let The One Romance plan your fireworks proposal then we can do all the hard work for you – and we work with some fantastic companies who (because they like us and love proposals!) will make sure your fireworks display doesn’t cost the earth.

If you fancy a fireworks proposal then drop us an email at

As Proposal Planners we can help you pull of the unimaginable when it comes to a Fireworks Proposal. How about something like this?

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