How to take a memorable engagement ring selfie

Announcing your engagement is an important part of your life and it marks the beginning of your wedding planning process. Most people now opt to take a selfie with the bride’s engagement ring as this is sure to get people involved in the engagement. There are several things to bear in mind when taking your engagement ring selfie to create the biggest wow factor.

1. The setting

Taking your engagement selfie in the place your fiancé popped the question is sure to make the photo more memorable as it is taken in the moment. You’re more likely to remember some of the finer details of the proposal when you look back on the photograph in years to come. People will link your engagement and the ring with the setting your photograph is taken in.

2. The focus

Make sure your engagement ring is on full show in the photograph and the viewers’ eyes are drawn to the ring. This means you should place the ring (and your hand) in a place that is highly visible and photograph your whole hand as this will stand out in social media newsfeeds. Also the more depth of field your photograph has the better.

3. The background

Ensure the background of your photograph is plain so your engagement ring stands out and isn’t lost in a busy background of patterned fabric or greenery. The simplest engagement ring selfies are sometimes the best!

4. The lighting

The lighter that your photograph is the brighter and more attractive your image will be. Your engagement ring is also likely to look brighter and will sparkle more as it catches the light.

5. Painted nails

All gentlemen planning to propose to their ladies should treat them to a manicure before they pop the question. When taking an engagement ring selfie it’s important to make sure the bride’s nails are immaculate – this photograph will be looked at many time by many people and no bride wants to wish they had painted their nails each time they see the photo. Nails with a perfect and clean finish attract the viewers’ attention to the hands and then to the ring itself.

6. Have fun!

Once viewers have admired your engagement ring they will begin looking for more details. The ring and the photograph will stand out and become memorable based upon how happy and in love you look so show your true emotions about your new engagement and express yourself.

When taking an engagement ring selfie we would advise taking several as you can then spend some time choosing your favourite. Once you’ve taken your photo, spend some time looking for great photo editing apps to make sure your final photo is perfect! We’d love to see your final engagement ring selfies so tag us on Instagram or Twitter

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