Leap year Proposals: How to propose to your man this leap year

Ever tried role reversal in your relationship? If not, now’s the time. With the leap year shortly upon us, you can stick your fingers up at tradition and show your man how much you love him – by popping the question to him!

Sounds intimidating? It doesn’t have to be. We have rounded up some of the best proposal ideas for proposing this Leap year:

1.Re-enact your first date
He might be male. He might not be very good at old fashioned romance. But that doesn’t mean e=he won’t love being on the receiving end of a bit of slushiness. To have a simple yet sweet proposal, recreate your first date – go for dinner at the restaurant you first eat at together and reminisce about how you felt when you first met. When the tie is right, tell hi how your relationship started here, and you now want to take it to the next step/
2. Take him on a treasure hunt – Men like to be men. So give him a map and challenge him to complete a treasure hunt. To make the proposal even more thoughtful, we suggest leaving notes and clues in places that have relevance to your relationship – that spot where you shared your first kiss, the park where he tried to convince you that ‘going for a run at 7am every morning was “fun.” You could even leave a note on the rugby pitch where you watch him score his first try! As he gets nearer t the last clue, have the note tell him you are ready to talk the next step….and ask him to marry you.
3. Do something different.
When it comes to proposal ideas, it’s always good to be unique. Have a think about something he has always wanted ot do, but not quite achieved yet. Perhaps he’s wanted to sky dive, or bike around a certain park. NO matter what it is, make sure you do it togetehr. And at the end of the day, tell him it’s not the only thing you want to do with him…
4. Propose through his hobbies
If you are the creative type and want to do something really special then why not propose thorugh his hobbies. Think about what he loves doing and then incorporate that in his proposal. for example, if he loves bike riding, then set up signs in the wood for him to pass on his ride that tell him how you feel about him. If he’s more of a computer nerd, then devise an app which results in a marriage proposal!
5. Make a grand gesture.
Men like to boast – it’s a fact. So why not make his proposal as grand as possible. Take him to watch his favourite team and have the words ‘marry me’ some up on the big screen. *Word of warning* Only do this if a) You know he will definitely say YES and b) he doesn’t like being the centre of attention.

Still don’t know how to propose? Why not drop us an email and we will get our creative juices burning and will come up with some fabulous proposal ideas tailored completely to you. Info@theoneromance.com

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