What the length of your engagement says about your relationship

You’re officially engaged and now everyone is asking ‘When’s the wedding?” So what does the length of your engagement say about you and your relationship?

The lovely folk at Brides magazine reveal all:

Three weeks
Lets be realistic – people are going to jump to conclusions. Getting married just three weeks after proposing screams one of the following: 1) Were pregnant! 2)We’re religious and were matched to be wed! 3)We’re in love and impulsive and we like it like that!”

Three Months
The couples who get married wthin three months are the laid back, chilled out types. They probably don’t want a big grand wedding, and instead want something simple and sweet. This will be a no frills event but will have no stress either (and will probably be super lovely!)

Soughton HallWedding Photography By Ashton Photography www.ashtonphotography.co.uk

Six Months
This bride to be is interested in some of the wedding details but isn’t spending eight hours a day on pinterest. She can’t get too bogged down by little details because she hasn’t got the time which implies she not very high maintenance and her groom is likely to be a very happy man!”

A year and a bit
You’re both traditionalists. The average engagement is between 13 and 17 months which means you have probably thought about the type of wedding you want and have sough advice from friends and family. People who are engaged for a year or so, tend to have bigger weddings too! But the good news – recent statistics show that people who have 200 or more guests at their wedding have a 92% reduced risk of divorce!”


A couple of years
If you’ve been engaged forever but the wedding still isn’t happening, it can only mean one thing: You are actually really quite content as you are. Maybe the wedding is something you’re not that fussed about and are doing it because you feel you HAVE to (pressure from family and friends etc.) For you, the wedding is a challenge, rather than a necessity to the relationship.”

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