A Covent Garden Flashmob Marriage Proposal

Marriage Proposal:  A Covent Garden Flashmob Marriage Proposal
Marriage Proposal Location: Covent Garden, London
Marriage Proposal Planner: Tiffany Wright (the One Romance’s Founder and Expert Proposal Planner)

The Marriage Proposal Plan: Hassan is an amazing dancer (he’s actually danced with Michael Jackson!) so he knew that he wanted to show off his dancing skills in his proposal to his girlfriend! Proposal Planner Tiffany arranged for Hassan to attend rehersals with some of London’s famous and most talented dancers, to put togetether a fabulous flashmob proposal to the song “Marry you” by Bruno Marz.

On the proposal day: Hassan took his girlfriend for a walk around Covent garden before stopping to watch a performer.

If you ever wanted to see a “soon-to-be-groom” jump into a dancing flashmob then you’ll love this!

If you are thinking of proposing in London or the UK and want to pull of a Romantic Proposal that is out of this world, then check out this proposal video arranged by our very own Proposal Planner Tiffany*. This Proposal took place in the romantic city of London and was even featured on Tiffany’s TV show…which shows you just how special it is!


Our very own Proposal Planner Tiffany helped Hassan arrange this amazing proposal for his girlfriend Soma. When Hassan got in touch, he explained that he loved dancing and wanted to pull off a proposal that would WOW his other half. So, Tiffany arranged secret dance rehearsals with a group of professional dancers in Islington. Hassan learnt the routine after being sent youtube videos of the dance , and then met with the dancers a few days beforehand to rehearse with them!

When the day came, Tiffany made sure that Covent Garden knew about the flashmob (you have to get special permission to hold a flashmob in an area like Covent Garden) and then positioned the dancers!

As you can see, Soma’s reaction is priceless!

If you would like Tiffany to help plan a Flashmob Proposal in the UK or London (or anywhere in the world!) then please get in touch. We can help you plan an amazing proposal or can just offer our advice on proposal ideas! Contact us for more proposal ideas on info@theoneromance.co.uk

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