Our Proposal Planner Tiffany recreates her Marriage Proposal

As Proposal Planners, we are surrounded by amazing proposals every day of the week. This is wonderful of course (!) but sometimes we look back at our own proposals and think “I wish I could do it all again.”

So this is exactly what our Founder and Proposal Planner Tiffany did, 3 years to the day of her actual proposal. There is something incredible romantic about recreating your proposal – it brings back all of those amazing marriage proposal memories and it’s a great excuse to drink Champagne (As this video proves!)


If you would like help planning (or recreating!) you proposal then please drop us an email at info@theoneromance.co.uk. We can help you come up with unique proposal ideas or even plan a proposal for you that has never been done before (this is something we are REALLY good at!)

Look forward to hearing from you!

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