Prague Marriage Proposal with Marry Me sign

When Henry first contacted us from Korea to arrange his Prague Marriage Proposal we were delighted. Henry knew he wanted a unique, romantic proposal which would take place on a rooftop overlooking Prague, but apart from that it was happy to leave the rest of the details in our hands.

So we planned a beautiful surprise Prague mariage proposal for Miseon. After flying over to Prague to arrange everything, we explained to Henry that all her had to do was lead Miseon out to the front of their hotel, before pretending he had left something in the hotel room. At this point Miseon was handed a note from Henry which told her to get into the car….as our beautiful red vintage car pulled up alongside her. She has no idea that at that precise moment Henry was running across Prague where he would meet her, and propose, in the most romantic way possible.

Prague Marriage Proposal

As Miseon was driven around Prague in the car, she started spotted beautiful handmade wooden heart being held up by people all around Prague. The hearts had messages from Henry to her on them. She was finally dropped at a beautiful private garden square where she continued to follow the love heart. She was led up a beautiful spiral staircase before seeing Henry and a ‘Will you marrry me’ sign set against the backdrop of the stunning city of Prague.

Miseon starts the day in her vinatae car
She has no idea where she is heading!
She begins to spot the signs placed all around Prague from Henry
Henry (Haein is his Korean name!) wrote all of the messages himself and insisted in keeping them in broken English so that they sound like him! Sweet!
How delighted does she look?
The car drops her at a secret garden and she starts to follow the signs
You can see the excitement gathering!
As she arrives on the roof terrace, she is greeted with the most romantic sight in the world
Prague Marriage Proposal - The One Romance Proposal Planners
Henry asks the love of his life to marry him
Prague marriage proposal SHE SAID YES
She said yes!
Prague Marriage proposal
The happy couple! Congratulations Henry and Miseon!

If you are thinking of proposing in Prague and would like help planning your proposal, then please get in touch. We have planned lots of beautifully unique marriage proposals and have a 100% ‘yes’ success rate. We don’t believe in package proposals (who wants to propose tin the same way someone else has?!) so all of our proposals are completely unique to the couple and we never arrange the same proposal twice.

It’s time to ‘Pop the question’ and ‘leave her speechless’….

Henry said:

“Thank you Tiffany and Amanda so much for arranging such an incredible proposal. Miseon was completely overwhelmed and has been telling all of her friends about you! We now have such fabulous memories of our time in Prague and it is all thanks to you. “

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