Proposal Advice: Planning a Proposal in Paris

Are you planning on Proposing in Paris?

Proposing full stop, can be tough. You need to come up with an idea, decide what country you want to propose in, work out what you are going to say in your Proposal Speech, buy the ring…….You’re head’s spinning right?

So what happens if you are planning a proposal in Paris? It’s a different country – you have to think about flight times, hotel rooms, romantic locations in a city you don’t know.

So that’s where a Proposal Planner comes in. We plan Proposals in Paris all of the time – we know the locations, we know the hotels, we know EXACTLY what you need to turn your proposal in Paris into something spectacular.

So, how does it work if you hire us to plan a proposal in Paris? Our Proposal Planner Tiffany has put together this handy little video to show you the stages of planning your proposal. When she made this video, she was planning a Paris Proposal for our client Vladimir so she takes you through what happened from the moment he first got in touch to the moment she jumped on the Eurostar.

And next week, you can watch Tiffany’s latest Vlog where she is IN Paris, planning this actual proposal!



If you are planning on Proposing in Paris, then drop us an email and we can help you plan the ultimate Paris Proposal. We have planned hundreds of amazing proposals and every one of them is tailored to the couple so you can rest in the knowledge that your proposal will be unique and completely personalised to you.

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