How it Works

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Planning on arranging an incredibly romantic date or anniversary? This is how it works:

Initial Consultation and ideas – We will take the time to chat to you on the phone to talk through any ideas or any ‘must haves’ you might have for your romantic event. If you prefer we can send you our consultation form which you can fill in at your leisure, to help us understand what you hope to achieve with your romantic event

 Idea Presentation – After our consultation, we will create two romantic event ideas for you. At this stage, if you would like to add any of your own ideas or refine the idea, then that is fine.

Vendors and Planning –We will select an exclusive location, book photographers/videographers, and start creating all of the personalised details for your anniversary. We work with some of the most highly regarded vendors who can help us create a vision of pure romance. If we are helping you find a unique romantic gift then we will lease with you at all times in regards to ideas and will then purchase the gift for you and have it delivered.

On the day – On the day of the romantic event our Romance Planners will be with you behind the scenes to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

Contact us to arrange your romantic date or anniversary.

How much should I spend on my romantic event?

As a Luxury Romance Planning Agency we want to make sure your event meets and exceeds any expectations. We never arrange the same event twice and everything is personalised to you and your partner. As such our romantic events start at £3,000…

Romantic Events

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