Romantic Flower of the Month: Camellia

Originally from China, camellia is an unusual bloom as it’s leaves are usually used more than the actual flower to produce white, green and black tea.

However, this is a flower that shouldn’t be overlooked as its varieties include abundant petals and bright yellow stamen creating a subtle yet break-taking spectacle. They are not a fragrant flower but make up for it with their display of stunning colours.

Camellia are associated with adoration, devotion and faithfulness; a beautiful and moving sentiment to offer your special someone especially when you propose!

Did you know…?

Camellia oil is commonly used for cooking and seasoning in China whilst in Japan, they use it to condition hair.

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All the thanks in the world to the fabulous Paul Furness for his suggestions. If you love flowers, or enjoyed this post – make sure to check him out! He creates stunning bouquets perfect for every occasion!

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