Romantic Floating Keys Christmas Proposal

Floating Keys Christmas Proposal

Marriage Proposal: A Romantic ‘Floating Keys’ Christmas Proposal
Marriage Proposal Location: Notting Hill, London

The Marriage Proposal Plan: Adrien wanted an intimate and elegant Christmas proposal in London. He told us that one of his most special memories was when his girlfriend gave him a key to her house. We knew that we had to feature vintage keys in the Christmas proposal to make it as peronsonalised as possible

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On the proposal day: Adrien told Samira he knew of  a lovely place to grab a coffee so they headed over to London’s Notting Hill. As they drank their drinks Samira was approached by a waitress and handed a note saying “you hold the key to my heart.” They couple were then taken upstairs to their own private room, which had been decorated in a Christmas theme by The One Romance team! We hung 1000 vintage keys from invisible string  so that they keys all looked like they were floating in the air and devoted the entire room which Christmas themed props. A beautiful Christmas tree stood in the corner with personalised christmas decorations (including love notes from Adrien to Samira).

As they entered the room Samira saw a Christmas Card hanging fro the ceiling that said ‘Fins the key to the lock.’ She then had to find, from the thousand of hanging keys, the perfect key to open the locker of a chest in the corner. When she did, the chest revealed an engagement ring!

If you need romantic marriage proposal ideas, then look no further. We just arranged this gorgeously romantic proposal for Adrien and his girlfriend Samira. It included 1000 vintage keys, love notes, a treasure chest and one very happy couple….

If you would like us to help plan your romantic marriage proposal then get in touch on info@theoneromance. We NEVER arrange the same proposal twice so you are guaranteed to get a completely unique Christmas proposal completely tailored to you as a couple.

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