Romantic Xmas gift ideas for someone you've just started dating

You’ve just started dating someone and then – WHAM – Christmas hits you straight in the face. So what do you do when it comes to choosing a xmas present for them?

You’ve only gone on a couple of dates but you want to show them you care, so here’s some suggestions that we think will impress. Why? Because they don’t cost the earth but they are pretty damn thoughtful!

romantic gift ideas

A “Date Jar” is the perfect First Christmas present as it shows that you are thinking about the future with them. It’s not expensive and dates can include simple romantic suggestions such as a ‘winter’s walk in the park’ and ‘an evening in watching Homeland.’

If you want to get slightly creative then what about a jigsaw of the place your first met.  Don’t worry if the thought of being artistic scares you! As Romance Planners we can help design and put together the jigsaw for you!

Did you meet when a particular song was playing? Or does your partner always sing along to one particular band’s hit? Why not get the sound waves turned into a picture for their wall?

If you would like some romantic ideas, or need help selecting the perfect romantic gift, then The One Romance team are here (*waves hands!) We also help plan romantic events – from wedding proposals to dates so we are officially your romance experts.

Keep your eyes peeled on the blog next week for romantic gift ideas for a long term partner.

Photo credits: NOTHS

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