The 6 Rules of Proposing

I recently came across The 6 Rules of Proposing – yes that’s right. The 6 RULES of proposing. Curiosity piqued, I took a little peek of ‘the rules’ and definitely thought they were worth passing on to you!!

So, are you a gent planning on pulling off a traditional marriage proposal. Yes? Then these rules will resonate with you… Of course, if you are not a traditionalist then these rules might not fly… but if you and your girl are, I can imagine they would really, really love for you to follow them.


The 6 Rules of Proposing

1. Ask for her parents blessing.

asking permission

2. Make sure the proposal is a complete surprise!

Cinema Flashmob Proposal

3. Use her full name.

4. Get down on one knee.


5. Make sure someone catches the moment on camera (or even better, video).


6. Use a Proposal Planner

the one romance romntic dates proposal london sofia plana weddin

Ok, so dems the ‘rules’ now let me break it down.

1. It’s very romantic and traditional to ask for her parents blessing. She will be very touched you did this.

2. Even if you’ve discussed marriage and know she’s gonna say yes, it’s still paramount to keep it a complete surprise. You know we love surprises.

3. Using her full name is super sweet and definitely romantic.

4. In my opinion – a proposal is not a proposal if you don’t get down on bended knee.

5. If you can arrange for the moment to be captured, she will love that. It’s not uncommon for the person being proposed to to completely forget what you’ve said – it’s the shock you see!!

6. Your proposal is the one time in your life  where you are under pressure to plan the ultimate romantic gesture – and it can be stressful. Hiring a Proposal Planner like us means that you can relax and enjoy the moment instead of worrying about the details. We are the ones who can stress over whether its about to rain, if all the props are in the right place, if the photographer is getting the right photos etc etc……and you can just concentrate on saying those four words: Will You Marry Me?

Do you need help planning a proposal? The One Romance can help you with that. We are experts at tailoring marriage proposals that are 100% unique to you and your relationship. So please do get in touch and we’ll get the ball rolling on planning your perfect proposal.

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