The Most Romantic Storytellers Of Them All

Poetry speaks best to those who are in love, nothing speaks the language of love quite like poetry does for it is romantic, emotional, inspirational and true.

When coupled with the heartfelt, passionate plea of a proposal it then becomes irresistible.

Such is the power of this captivating duo there is no need to persuade, all they need do is join together and declare their love to create the perfect moment that shall be talked about in perpetuity.

Your proposal is the unforgettable moment you will forever keep close to your heart, and the poem can be passed down to generations, who will see for themselves the depth to which you loved your spouse.

It is an honour for me Elizabeth Newton to be asked to become the exclusive Poet to this amazing company that is The One Romance, and I look forward to writing a poem especially for you.

All my poems are unique and will be personal to you both.

You know how you feel about your love, you just can’t seem to find the right words to tell them.

Well this is where I come in, I will give you those words that mirror the way you feel.

Perhaps your love has a physical feature that led to the entangling of your heart, maybe they have gorgeous eyes, a mouth you can’t resist, flowing flaxen hair.

You might want the story told of your first date (funny or otherwise)……Where you met, perhaps you can still remember the cologne/perfume that he/she wore, you remember the dress she wore on your first date, the first words that person said to you might also be etched in your mind forever.

There might be an endearing quirk you may want mentioned – that he always eats his dessert before his main meal, maybe she wrinkles her nose when she is irritated by something

How do you feel when they aren’t in the same room?  Imagine a life if that person wasn’t in it…..

David Carradine once said ‘If you can’t be a poet, be the poem’

One Proposal….One Wish….One Poem….One Chance….One Big Yes!!!

There is only one company who continually delivers……..The One Romance.

Prepare to be dazzled.



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