The Perfect Partnership: The One Romance x Boutee Collaboration

An engagement ring is a key ingredient to many proposals, symbolising love and commitment while representing the promise of marriage and an unbreakable bond. This single piece of jewellery carries so much significance, so it’s no wonder our couples invest so much into choosing the perfect one to propose.

Like our clients waiting to pop the question, the One Romance has been excitedly working behind the scenes, awaiting the ideal moment to announce a perfect partnership. The anticipation has been building for months, and now we’re delighted to announce we said “I do” to a collaboration with Boutee, a new company of bespoke small independent jewellers. Together, we are joining forces to offer clients the chance to benefit from an exceptional and bespoke engagement ring service in addition to our luxury proposal planning services.

The One Romance is renowned for creating unforgettable proposal experiences tailored to each couple’s unique love story. We plan hundreds of luxury marriage proposals every year, so we’ve seen a fair few engagement rings along the way, and we can recognise a talented team of jewellers when we meet them. When the One Romance founder Amanda discovered Boutee, she immediately recognised the perfect synergy between their brand and ethos.

“Boutee shares our passion for crafting exceptional experiences and the dedication to providing the highest quality products and services. Their collection of handcrafted engagement rings beautifully articulates the eternal commitment symbolised by this iconic piece of jewellery” – Amanda.


At the One Romance, we have always strived to create truly unforgettable and personalised proposal experiences for our clients. Every proposal should be as unique and special as the love story it represents. That’s why we carefully curate bespoke proposal ideas and meticulously plan every detail, ensuring every moment is filled with romance and joy. This blends seamlessly with Boutee’s approach to engagement ring design.

Boutee’s team of independent jewellers are masters in their craft, bringing a sense of individuality and artistry to each piece they create. Comprising of a group of independent jewellers, each offers their unique combination of skills, techniques, and style, allowing clients to choose a ring that will be unique, personalised, and handcrafted to perfection. Whether you’re looking for a classic solitaire ring or something more unusual, Boutee provides a range of options to capture the essence of your partner’s style. This partnership aims to enhance our clients’ experiences by offering an optional engagement ring service to complement our luxury proposal planning services. Even better, Boutee offers diverse options to suit every taste, style and budget.

We understand that proposing is a deeply personal and significant milestone in your relationship, and we want to ensure that every aspect of this moment is crafted with care, thoughtfulness and an impeccable eye for detail. With our collaboration with Boutee, we aim to provide a bespoke, stress-free experience, allowing you to focus on the joy of the moment and the start of your future together.

To explore this exciting collaboration and learn more about how you can incorporate Boutee’s exceptional engagement rings into your dream proposal, get in touch with our team today or check out Boutee’s website, We cannot wait to help you create a truly unforgettable and meaningful engagement experience.

The One Romance & Boutee: Celebrating love, one proposal at a time.

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