The world's most romantic proposal with"Marry me" in flames

Could this be the world’s most romantic marriage proposal? We certainly think so!

When Abduyaday got in touch with us to help him plan the world’s most romantic marriage proposal we were over the moon. As with all of our clients, we started by making him fill in one of our consultation forms, which asked lots of questions about him, his girlfriend and their memories.

One thing that stood out in his form (apart from the fact that he wanted “the world’s best romantic marriage proposal!”) was that he was certainly romantic, which meant we were adamant we pulled off the world’s most romantic marriage proposal for him and his girlfriend Srhisti.

The romantic  marriage Proposal idea

The couple were flying over from India to London and Shristi had no idea their journey would end in the world’s most romantic marriage proposal in London and finish with  engagement celebration in Paris! They arrived at the Luxury Four Seasons hotel in Hampshire to book in for the night (were we had managed to get them a surprise upgrade to a suite!)

Whilst there, Shristi was handed long stemmed roses which had polaroid photos and love messages written no them. The messages were all from Abuyaday and include some of the most romantic words ever including “From the moment i saw you walk down the stairs, i knew you were someone special. I was Thunderstruck.”

Romantic Proposal Ideas in London

Meanwhile, The One Romance team were at the fishing lodge on the lake, preparing for the final surprise.

Marriage Proposal idea London

She was handed 12 love long stemmed red roses throughout her stay before being given the final One at the five star restaurant with a note attached saying “Please go to the front of the hotel.”

world's best romantic marriage proposal at Luxury Hotel

The world’s best romantic marriage proposal

As the couple stepped outside there were greeted by a chauffeur driven golf cart (covered in fairy lights) which drove them down t the hotel’s lake. In front of the lake was a fishing lodge which we had decorated with thousands of fairy lights and candles. The whole lodge had been transformed into a romantic proposal wonderland.

World's best romantic marriage proposal idea

But there was still more to come. As they stood on the porch of the lodge an opera singer approached them and started to sing their favourite song. At the end of the song, , a private firework display began, glittering over the lake. As the sky filled with sparkle and colours, a WILL YOU MARRY ME sign was lit up in flames!

word's best romantic marriage proposal in flames

As Abduyaday got down on one knee and gave the most emotional proposal speech ever, he presented her with possibly one of the most stunning engagement rings we have ever seen.

SHE SAID YES! The couple then jumped on a plane to Paris to celebrate their engagement!

If you would like to plan a luxury marriage proposal then please do not hesitate to get in touch. The One Romance are professional Proposal Planners and we have planned unique and fabulous marriage proposals worldwide, We also have a 100% YES success rate (We have never had a “no”) and we can guarantee that your proposal will never have been done before and will be completely unique to you!

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