Unveiling the Magic of the Fitzrovia Chapel

At the One Romance, we believe that every love story deserves an extraordinary chapter, and we are thrilled to share the illustrious journey we have taken with Fitzrovia Chapel. The stunning Fitzrovia Chapel in London has been home to so many successful marriage proposals. With its golden hues, marble walls, vaulted ceiling and exquisite stain-glassed windows, it’s not hard to see why it’s a firm favourite. After years of partnership and orchestrating countless successful proposals, the One Romance has been honoured with the exclusive role of being the official proposal planner for this cherished London venue. To celebrate this milestone, we want to showcase some of our favourite proposal looks that we have meticulously crafted throughout the year.

A Panoply of Floral Delights

Our mission at One Romance is to create unforgettable experiences; our floral arrangements reflect that sentiment. From lavish vases brimming with abundant blooms to delicate single stems that whisper romance, we have perfected the art of floral design for proposals in the Fitzrovia Chapel. To captivate hearts and create picture-perfect moments, we have adorned the chapel with whimsical floral walkways and scattered rose petals and pomanders reminiscent of a fairytale romance. Imagine walking down a petal-lined aisle beneath a breathtaking floral arch or asking that all-important question, “Will you marry me?” beside a majestic floral backdrop. Our experienced stylists are experts at creating looks from elegant and romantic to ethereal and enchanting. We can even incorporate artificial trees into your proposal, creating a magical atmosphere to transport you far away from the hustle and bustle of the iconic city outside.

Lighting That Kindles Love’s Sparkle

Creating the perfect ambience is essential to setting the stage for a romantic proposal, and lighting plays a pivotal role in achieving this. The Fitzrovia Chapel is undeniably beautiful, and we have taken lighting design to new heights to complement its architectural design. Imagine hundreds of flickering church candles illuminating your path, creating an intimate atmosphere that radiates warmth and love. From the twinkle of tea lights, the gentle glow of fairy lights, a sea of elegant lanterns, or decadent candelabras, each lends its magic to make your moment magical and leave your partner spellbound. For a truly grand gesture with a contemporary look, our light-up “Marry Me” letters are another great way to impress your future fiancé.

Melodies of Love Floating in the Air

No proposal is complete without the sweet symphony of music to serenade your partner. At the One Romance, we understand the power of music to evoke emotions and transform ordinary moments into extraordinary memories. As the backdrop to your love story, we have curated the perfect playlist to play discretely in the background, creating an enchanting atmosphere while you declare your love. For a more personal touch, you can add your selection of meaningful songs or, even better, have them performed by one of our many talented soloists from pianists, violinists, singers, guitarists and more. Our musicians create a harmonious soundscape that celebrates your love. With the Fitzrovia Chapel’s superb acoustics, it’s the ideal venue for showcasing intricate melodies performed by our string trios and quartets.

We believe every proposal should be unique, and every proposal we have brought to life is a testament to love’s infinite possibilities. Experience the magic of our carefully curated floral arrangements, be awed by the transformative power of lighting, and let the melodies of love wrap around your hearts. At One Romance, we believe in crafting not just moments but memories that will be treasured for a lifetime. Let us be a part of your love story and create a proposal beyond your wildest dreams.

As always thank you to my amazing team of photographers for capturing these special moments for our clients:

Gemma Chase

Paul Grace

Lina and Tom


Jonathan Bickle

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