Why I love being a Proposal Planner

Why I Love being a Proposal Planner

In the last couple of months we have arranged some pretty fabulous proposals and it got me thinking about why I love being a Proposal Planner so much. So, for those of you who want to know what it’s really like helping men propose (and being lucky enough to be surrounded by love and laugher every day) I thought I would list some of the reasons why being a Proposal Planner is one of the best jobs in the world! Love Tiffany x

1. It reminds me that men can be hugely romantic (Even if they pretend to their friends they are not.) When guys contact us wanting to propose we ask them to fill in a questionnaire about their partner and their relationship. Believe me when I tell some of the things written on the forms are so romantic it actually makes we get a bit teary. I love how people we have never met can really open up to us and tell them how much they love their other half.

2. Chivalry is NOT dead – Lots of people ask me how girlfriends react when they are told their man has used a proposal planner – I always tell them the same thing – they are impressed by their man’s chivalry. Declaring you love someone in a unique way and asking them to spend their lives with you is the most romantic thing a guy can do. Hiring in the experts (aka Proposal Planners like us!) means they want to make sure everything is done perfectly! It shows how important it is to them that they get every detail right!

3. We usually end up with friends for life – Proposing isnt the only time men get to be romantic. After the proposal comes the wedding, then the wedding anniversaries, then romantic date nights…the list is endless. Which is why quite often guys who come to us for help with their proposal, end up sticking with us for life. We become their go-to Romance Planners and I’m lucky enough to be able to say that we have planned numerous romantic experiences from guys who have let us. It’s a complete honour.

4. I get to be creative every day – who else can claim looking at Pinterest and being able to visit incredible venues is part of their everyday life? I CAN! I love getting contacted by a guy who wants to propose and being able to start letting romantic ideas fizz around in my head. Sometimes I get a bit carried away (I’m still desperate to do a proposal that involves 100 doves!) but being creative every day is a sure fire way to make sure I never get bored of my job.

If you would like my help planning your proposal (or any other romantic event in your life) the please do get in touch. Maybe you can be the guy who makes me tear up when I read your romance form!

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