2015 marriage proposal survival kit

If you are looking for unforgettable marriage proposal ideas then you have come to the right place! When organising a romantic wedding proposal  we aim to ensure our clients have everything they need for their big moment. With such an important task ahead, it can be easy to forget some pretty important things that make the day run much smoother and add a smile to the bride-to-be’s face. We are here to give you the courage to carry out a successful, unique  and romantic  marriage proposal.

So here’s our list of what you need to bring with you (AKA the marriage proposal survival kit!) on the day of your proposal.

1. The Engagement ring!

 *Yes, we are very good at Code Language. You will be surprised at the amount of times we have sent the text ‘The Diamond Eagle has landed’ as code for ‘Don’t forget the engagement ring!” (ps. If you want to know how to make a diamond ring look BIGGER then check out our latest blog post here)

2. Proposal speech – what to say when you propose

If you have prepared something extra special (our clients normally do!) then please remember this too! This could be anything from a poem, a reading or a speech you have written. Our proposals see all kinds of mementos included, and we will make sure you have everything set up and in place ready for your big moment, but make sure you know (and have rehearsed) what you are going to say.

We always suggest to our clients to write down some notes and then read them beforehand (maybe whilst excusing yourself to use the loo) so that they are fresh in your mind when you want to propose. (Ok, ok, so you’re not good with words…..don’t worry, we can help with proposal speeches too! Our Director Tiffany used to be a top national Journalist so can certainly helo you write something incredibly special and from the heart.)

3. Camera

Prague marriage proposal
Your proposal day will be one of the most memorable moments of your life and a camera is usually desired by our couples to ensure those memories are captured to last a lifetime. We always encourage clients to book one of our fabulous photographers (They have all worked for top fashion magazines such as Vogue, Tatler and Elle so really know their stuff!) Having your own photographer means you can relax and concentrate on your proposal speech (See above) without having to worry about taking a selfie whilst down on one knee! Our photographers also always treat you to a ‘post proposal’ engagement shoot – so you can have some fabulous photos to show off at your engagement party.

4. Phone

The One Romance ensure that the planning of your proposal and the on-the-day set-up go without a problem, however it’s always useful to have your mobile phone on you just in case there are any last minute changes or delays. It’s also great to phone or FaceTime your family and friends after the proposal to share your exciting news.

5. Tissues

Tears are inevitable at a proposal and the last thing your partner wants to do is smudge her make-up before those important photographs are taken. Providing her with a packet of tissues is the icing on the cake as it shows you really have thought about every step of the proposal.

6. The little details

All of our proposals are unique which means it is likely there will be unique elements for you to remember. For example, if a pet or a small child is involved in your proposal, what do you need to bring to keep them happy and safe? If you are staying overnight afterwards, do you need to remember travel bags? Whatever your proposal plan, The One Romance will be on hand to make sure all of your details are remembered to make it a once in a lifetime event. Our team is dedicated to providing you with a dream proposal that will guarantee a big YES from your partner.

For more marriage proposal advice and tips or queries about how to make your proposal special please email us on info@theoneromance.com or contact us via our website

by Lizzie Mainwaring

Images courtesy of Tess Sanders, Nicola Sealy, buzzfeed.com, dose.com, the bridaldetective.com, Norma Souza, HowheAsked.com

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