5 ways to make a diamond ring look bigger

Sabin's simply stunning engagement ring.
Sabin’s simply stunning engagement ring.

The style of an engagement ring is a matter of personal preference. A lot of our clients ask for our advice when they choose an engagement ring and thankfully, having helped plan hundreds of proposals and seen some pretty impressive rings, we know what we are talking about!

Some women prefer classic and elegant stones whereas others would  rather end up with a ‘Size matters’ ring. So, if you feel your other half is the type who thinks ‘bigger is better’ then here are some simple tips on how to make her engagement ring look as big as possible.

1. Add some side stones

Opting for a ring with side stones( especially if they are small side stones) will automatically make your centre stone look bigger.

2.  Add a double halo

If you put two halos around the centre stone  it’s essentially making your centre stone look much bigger.

3. Choose a platinum setting

The bright white metal of a platinum band will reflect the light of a diamond making it look much bigger, A simple but effective trick

4. Look for  setting with discrete prongs

The last thing you want is anything that distracts from the diamonds themselves, so when you choose a ring try and get one with simple, slim prongs. This way you will see more of the diamond’s surface.

5. Consider a cluster setting

Cluster settings are when lots of little, pin prick sized diamonds are used to make the ring sparkle as much as possible. The grouping of diamonds adds to the appearance of it’s overall size, and doesn’t break the bank either.

If you need help finding the perfect engagement ring, or if you are thinking of proposing and would like some help coming up with proposal ideas, then please do get in touch with us. We plan unique and personalised proposals that are completely tailored to  the couple. We never arrange the same proposal twice so you are gauranteed that your proposal will be a one off!

For more information or Proposal Advice then drop us an email on info@theoneromance.co.uk

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